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Peracetic Acid - A Green Cooling Water Biocide
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Biofouling Control Options for Cooling System
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Eltron Water Systems commercializes innovative, cost-effective water purification and disinfection technologies. Our solutions range from revolutionary electrochemical systems for water treatment and remediation to novel membranes for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.


Eltron Water Systems Awarded Food Contact Notice and FIFRA Label Exemption For Peracetic Acid Technology

Featured Products

ImPAAct Reactor

  • Onsite Peracetic Acid (PAA) Generation
  • Integrates with UV, ozone in advanced oxidation processes (AOP)
  • Scales to application demand
  • Varying PAA concentration
  • Pending Patents and Awarded Food Contact Notice (FCS#1362)


  • Semi-permeable and nanofiltration membranes
  • Proprietary formulation advances stability, salt rejection, water permeability



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